Delivering with Excellence, Consistency, Creativity, and Innovation

BT&O Consulting delivers business transformation and optimization solutions focused on increasing margin, customer satisfaction, productivity, and efficiencies while reducing costs, errors, and re-work.

With a track record for demonstrating customer validated return-on-investment (ROI), crafting operational solutions that provide the business with choices for moving forward, and leading the tactical implementation of solutions, BT&O Consulting delivers with excellence, consistency, creativity and innovation.

Industry Expertise Includes:

  •  Cable / Telecommunications
  •  Healthcare
  •  ERP / Software Engineering
  •  High-tech Manufacturing
  •  Emergency Services


Business Silo Experience Includes:

  • Technical / Service / Business Operations
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Customer Care / Call Center Operations (includes 911 operations)
  • Education / Training Operations (client and employee education programs)
  • Materials Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Marketing (primarily focused on improving Marketing Campaign effectiveness)


BT&O Consulting believes in adding value by promoting efficiency through technology, the evolution of business processes, and the empowerment of employees.